Five Reasons to Recommend Peter Wilson to Your Clients

As a realtor, you want to work with people who will deliver the same standard of excellence and care to your clients as you do.  I am committed  to working with you to ensure a positive buying and/or selling experience for your clients, and you can be assured of that commitment for five key reasons:

Knowledge - Due to my extensive experience in residential and commercial construction, I don't just identify potential issues or concerns, but can provide our clients with the reassurance, when appropriate, that these issues can be fixed or dealt with by skilled professionals.

Training - I have studied under the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection training program - a 10 unit course with field exercises and two exams per unit - with excellent results.

Integrity - I strictly hold to the professional ethics code of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, of which I am an applicant member, and will not allow my renovation company to complete any of the work identified as necessary or advisable in the inspection report, nor will I accept "finder's
fees" from any company awarded the contract.

PricingMy rates are in line with what is recommended by various associations, and compare with other rates in London and vicinity.  I'm not overpriced, but at the same time I'm not under priced, allowing me to take the time to thoroughly inspect our client's home.

Personable- I love people, my family, and my home!  There's a reason I'm called a "home" inspector and not just a "house" inspector.  Our homes are where memories are made, character is developed and love is nurtured.  When I'm inspecting a house, I'm very aware that this building may eventually be our client's home, and I'll inspect it as though it were going to be mine!

I look forward to working with you!